Caroline Field

Choir President: Caroline Field

Senior Caroline Field has been heavily involved in SOCSA as a member of multiple choirs since her freshman year, in addition to being involved with theater outside of school at the Laguna Playhouse. As she assumes the role of choir president this year, her experience has paid off. After an unprecedented year of trying to figure out how to run a choir during a global pandemic, the return to normalcy has brought with it more opportunities. 

Her senior year has been interesting as she has taken a more active role in the choir program in the absence of Mr. Medina. Field describes how she technically did not have to take on the responsibility she did, but she wanted to keep the choir program functioning as normally as possible. She describes her newfound responsibilities:“At first it was very daunting and very scary, but then once I got my feet planted on the ground, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought” .

She has taken her role as choir president extremely seriously, and has been involved in supervising all levels of choir. Field’s experiences in multiple musical areas have paid off, as she has helped with tasks that range from leading warm-ups to choreographing musical numbers. As for Broadway Night, she explains how all the numbers went extremely well, and Medina was able to return for the second night. 

This experience may also pay off for her, as she describes her goals of pursuing music and being on Broadway. However, she describes her backup plan as being music education, and the time she has spent with choir  leadership will no doubt be helpful for her.

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