‘Bloodshot’ is Below Average

Oh boy, if you thought action adventure superhero movies were a dead and buried film genre, well, you’d be right. Director Dave Wilson’s movie Bloodshot debuted in theaters on Friday March 13. Vin Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a former U.S. marine brought back to life to seek revenge on the man who murdered his wife, or so he is led to believe. As the film progresses, Diesel’s character, as well as the audience, slowly learns more regarding the true purpose of him being revived from death. 

Average. It is a word that applies to a great many things, but this does not include Bloodshot. This film falls directly under average, in the category known as below average. Most aspects of this movie are downright lousy, and at its best moments, it still fails to exceed anything above the definition of average: typical, common and ordinary.

Vin Diesel stars in the new ‘Bloodshot’ movie. His performance was less than satisfactory.

The acting is below average. Vin Diesel plays Vin Diesel. He plays so little a unique character that I must have forgotten the character’s name about ten times. He does normal Vin Diesel things: He beats henchmen up, has a cool superhero gimmick and reads off poorly written dialogue for the sake of trudging this movie to the next CGI fight scene. KT, played by Eiza González, does a slightly better job portraying some real emotion, but I don’t believe any amount of acting could have saved this movie from its biggest fault, the writing.

The writing is below average. All too often, what directors fail to realize is that you can have as much crazy over-the-top action and drama as you want, but if you can’t make it all fit together by writing a cohesive and thoughtful story, what you create is a gigantic mess of boring slow motion CGI fights that carry no weight for anyone watching. Bloodshot is guilty of this mistake.

There is nothing in this film that has not been done a million and one times before in the last 20 years of cinema history. It is outdated and boring. If you are looking for a good action movie, simply watch the John Wick movies, and spare yourself the risk of getting the Coronavirus. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

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