Bill & Ted

“Bill & Ted Face the Music”

It’s thirty-one years later, and Keanu Reeves’ hair still looks exactly the same. Dudes Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves’ are back with the 2020 release of “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” finalizing this goofy trilogy.

This time around, Bill and Ted are tasked with saving time, reality and the universe as we know it through music. They must compose a song that creates unity throughout space and time. Luckily, they have their daughters Thea (Samara Weaving) and Billie (Brigdette Lundy-Paine) to help them convince other famous musicians to compose a song that will save the universe. Jimi Hendrix, Louis Armstrong and Motzart are among the many musicians along for the ride, to Hell and back, literally!

When Bill and Ted first receive the task of their mission, they decide that the best way to find the music is to travel into the future and ask their future selves for the song. In traveling to the future, Bill and Ted learn that they need to work on their relationships with their wives in the present, or they will end up breaking into Dave Grohl’s house, getting into prison fights or worst of all, playing an open mic at 6:30 p.m. After excessive amounts of “yeah dudes” and “most excellents,” the two best friends deliver instruments to people across time and space to play a song that will save the universe.

Whether it is awkward killer robots with a soft side, time folding in on itself or Bill and Ted conversing with “Mr. Death, sir” in Hell, “Bill & Ted Face the Music” was so bad it was good. Honestly no other movie could pull off that storyline. I was not expecting the awkward and goofy script to leave a smile on my face, but it did. Reeves and Winter still have the dumb teenager accent down to a tee. This movie, after not anticipating much, was surprisingly satisfying and lighthearted. 

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