Biden Should Take Action Against Voter Suppression

An executive order protecting and expanding access to voting was signed by President Joe Biden on March 7. He states that this executive order will remove obstacles facing many potential voters. This includes adding more language options, removing discriminatory policies and ensuring polls accommodate for the disabled. When justifying the executive order, Biden added, “It is our duty to ensure that registering to vote and the act of voting be made simple and easy for all those eligible to do so” (Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting). As a result of this action, a discussion surrounding the importance of this issue has yet again resurfaced. 

I believe this is an extremely important topic. The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. Barring anyone from exercising this fundamental right goes against what this country was built on. 

To ensure we reach a decision that reflects America as a whole, we must be sure to get the votes of as many registered voters as possible.


All U.S. citizens have a right to vote and while this is not said explicitly in the Constitution, the 1972 Supreme Court decision in Dunn v. Blumstein illustrates that the federal government does not hesitate to affirm this notion. In this case, Justice Marshall stated, “This Court has made clear that a citizen has a constitutionally protected right to participate in elections on an equal basis with other citizens in the jurisdiction.” Keeping American  Citizens from voting interferes with their ability to exercise this right. 

Our elections and decisions should reflect America as a whole. This principle is essential to our democracy. America’s government and actions must grow and evolve as America does. As we change, so must our policies. In addition, the opinions of one group of U.S. citizens is naturally going to differ from another’s. To ensure we reach a decision that reflects America as a whole, we must be sure to get the votes of as many registered voters  as possible. 

With many feeling uneasy about recent events, it is important to make sure that everyone’s voice is  heard. As Biden has done and is expected to continue doing, we must pay special attention to ensuring U.S. citizens have the right to vote. By accomplishing this and many other things, we can be confident in our decisions and restore the people’s faith in democracy.

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