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“Bad Trip” Review

After viewing this film first hand, I would like to note that it is not for the faint of heart. There are many graphic and at times shocking scenes which could easily offend or disturb some viewers. To that point, this movie is rated “TV-MA” on Netflix.  Thus, viewer discretion must be advised.  

The movie “Bad Trip” is a hidden camera comedy which follows the outrageous adventures of best friends Chris Carey and Bud Malone, played by television personality Eric Andre and comedian Lil Rel Howery respectively. The two live fairly

normal livesbad trip working part time jobs and dream of one day having an epic adventure. This dream comes true when Chris runs into his highschool crush and “soulmate” Maria. This one encounter sets off a chain of questionable decisions which lead to both Chris and Bud on a quest to track down Maria in New York so that Chris can finally tell Maria how he feels.

While the basic story of “Bad Trip” sounds like your typical romance film, I assure you this is anything but typical. This film incorporates a series of pranks played on the unsuspecting populus, with a plot that ties the whole movie together. Each prank is extremely elaborate and well thought out. The chaos and confusion they bring to those unfortunate enough to be sucked in is hilarious. There is something about feeling the discomfort and fear each person has that simply makes you laugh. 

Overall I enjoyed the movie in all its ludicrous hilarity. All in all I would recommend “Bad Trip” to anyone with a hardened, dark sense of humor, yet keep in mind this movie is definitely not for everyone. If you do decide you would like to watch this movie I can be currently found for streaming on Netflix. Enjoy at your own risk.

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