Aedan Anderson

Aedan Anderson: The Start of a New ASU

As hybrid learning kicks into full gear, there have been many questions on what the new norm will look like as we start heading back to campus. Although there are still many unknowns as we embark on this next chapter, ASU president, Aedan Anderson, is making it a point to focus on making Dana students feel safe and able to still have a great high school experience. 

When asked about new goals for the year, Anderson stated that “Although it will be different, we really need to put some emphasis on our motto ‘Every dolphin matters more than ever.’” Anderson is coming into this role with a set of obstacles unseen by any other Dana president before, as a result of school being taught in a whole new way. This however, is not going to stop Anderson from making sure the student body not only feels accustomed to this new environment, but also setting in place the use of the student senate’s power as a crucial way to benefit Dana as a whole.

With the help of Vice President, Wyatt Gouger and knowledge from all past ASU presidents and Class Officers, Anderson’s new and innovative goals for this school year are bound for success. 

As for the future of ASU planned events at Dana, Anderson confirmed that “A big obstacle we’ve tackled regarding Covid and distance learning is planning our events that will boost the spirits of our school and allow for interactions with other students that can be crucial for an event’s success.”

With many challenges bound to arise in the near future regarding on campus learning, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel knowing that while not every aspect of pre-pandemic highschool can be met, student bodies such as ASU are really stepping up in order to bring some sense of normalcy back into every student’s lives here at Dana.

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