Jack Fallon

The following is THE PAPER’s pricing and contractual information:

THE PAPER will run 1,000 copies at minimum, and the THE PAPER ONLINE is expected to receive 1,000 views/month

Advertiser shall pay for advertising in THE PAPER at the following rates:

Advertiser shall pay for advertising packages in THE PAPER at the following rates:

Gold Package— $1,650

                  Half Page print ad in each issue

                  Sponsorship image and link website

                  Newspaper Stand Ad Space

                  Three Instagram story posts a semester

Silver Package— $1,100

                 Quarter Page print ad in each issue

                 Sponsorship image and link on website

                 One Instagram story post a semester

Bronze Package— $450

                 Business card size print ad in each issue


Full school year subscription rates (10-11 issues): 

                  Half Page— $150/issue

                  Quarter Page— $90/issue

                  Business Card Size— $50/issue

Issue by issue rates:

                 Half Page— $160/issue

                 Quarter Page— $100/issue

                 Business Card Size— $60/issue

Individual non-print advertisement (full year):

                 Website Banner Ad— $200

                 Instagram Story Post— $25 (max. 5)

Please contact THE PAPER at for inquiries

NOTICE: Advertiser will submit ad content one week prior to publication date. If the advertiser wishes to make changes to the ad’s content, contact must be made with THE PAPER via phone or email. The new content must then be submitted within one week of publication for the updated content to be guaranteed in that publication.

THE PAPER reserves the right to refuse publication based upon inappropriate content or to suspend publication of an advertisement if the Advertiser fails to send payment for the previous publication.

THE PAPER reserves the right to command payment before the publication date if the advertiser failed to pay previous transactions in a timely manner.

THE PAPER does not guarantee the projected number of views per month and is not accountable for changes in view count

THE PAPER reserves the right to permanently cancel this Agreement at any time upon Advertiser’s failure to pay fee within 90 days of sent invoice.

This writing contains the entire Agreement of the parties and may only be amended in writing by the authorized representatives of each respective party.

To the extent that any part of this Agreement shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable, that part shall be severable and shall not affect the validity of any other provisions contained herein.

This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.