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‘Abominable’ Enchants Viewers

“Abominable” is a fantasy and adventure animated movie about a Yeti trying to find his way home with the help of a teen girl, Yi. Yi is coping with the loss of her father and hopes to accomplish their dream of traveling the world.

Released on Sept. 27th, 2019, “Abominable” had a $20.8 million opening weekend. Also receiving a score of 83% on the Tomatometer and a 95% audience score from Rotten Tomatoes, it is safe to say that “Abominable” is a good movie to see.

Yi, along with her friends Peng and Jin, embark on a journey to get the Yeti, Everest, back to his family that lives on Mt. Everest. In order to do this, they must prevent a scientist with malicious intent and a rare animal collector who wishes to capture the Yeti so that they expose him to the world. To add to their challenge, Yi and her friends must also prevent the exposure of Everest’s magical powers to the world.

In order to cope with the loss of her father, Yi plays the violin that he gave her. Despite her talent, Yi no longer plays in front of people and has become more reserved since her father’s death. The connection she builds with Everest is what brings her out of her shell and gives her life again. By going on the journey, she sees all the places she had originally planned to go with her father.

The movie teaches the value in seeking help from loved ones and relying on them in a time of need rather than bottling one’s emotions.. It also teaches the lesson of “just because we can doesn’t mean we should.”

Another important lesson is the importance of grief and acknowledging what once was and looking back with happiness rather than sadness. This is displayed by the rare animal collector deciding that he does not want to put Everest on display and that it is better to keep a secret rather than tell the whole world.

Going into the movie with low expectations of it being another cheesy animated kid film I was truly shocked at the many different life lessons embedded throughout the movie.
“Abominable,” with its sweet story and characters, is a cute, fun, and engaging movie great for all ages. 

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