2020 Senior Wills

I hereby bequeath…

To Luke Csermak and Chris Leone, I leave a whole lot of really bad jokes and any motivation I have left. To Bimi Amao I leave my car, vacuum included and a bunch of strawberry cupcakes. Do not share them. I entrust Maya Kruger with the login to Jostens, a new box of colored paper clips and a picture of Tuuka Rask to decorate the walls of 706. I also leave her some backup SD cards for club photos, just in case. I give my space in line at bagels, along with my entire knowledge of Monarch and InDesign, to Ellie Brown, Kaitlyn Hopkins, & Izzy Imhoff; to Grace Lisle, I leave you a big book, a lot of late nights, my love and support and an open line whenever you feel you need any help. I also leave you an unending amount of patience and the magic touch to fix that printer. Finally, to all the other classes, I’d like to leave a long year with good weather, a pretty June graduation and a better ending than this one. Have fun, kiddos.

Julia Jaques

I am passing down the responsibility to Leah West to lead the Journey Club. I pray that this club blesses the current and future generations of Dana Hills students. 

Sarah Vasquez

To Karley Osorio, I leave the tiresome yet fulfilling duty of being the chauffeur of the friend group; may you forever question if our friends are using you for rides or because they genuinely enjoy your presence. To Camryn Toole, I leave a single dollar to spend on the purple Doritos from the vending machine in the mall (the Cool Ranch Doritos are better). To Ella Meissner, I leave cool, dangly earrings that will make your peers jealous; I hope you continue to spread your individuality all over the walls of Dana Hills. To Anna Reynosa, I leave anything Shoreline Mafia related, hot Cheetos and the video of Justin Bieber singing live in concert. To Lily Freeman, I leave my technique for a perfect winged eyeliner because when I leave I won’t be able to do it for you anymore and I need you to still wear it because it makes your eyes pop. To the five of you who changed my entire life forever, I leave you with countless PCH drives, blasting “Sunflower Vol. 6” and “Diamonds”. I leave you with endless ramen dates and boba runs. I leave you with an unhealthy obsession of Harry Styles and romantic comedies. I leave you with Hotpockets and Rite Aid ice cream. I leave you with my one hundred pairs of funky sunglasses because the normal ones are boring. To my 5 best friends, I leave you everything that is Taylor Poland because without you, I wouldn’t even know who she is.

Taylor Poland

To Sean Treichler, I leave my crocs (unchewed). To Satia Hatami, I leave my very, definitely sincere love for lacrosse. To Ava Raymer, I leave you Adam Ray and Annie’s gummy snacks. To everyone else, I leave you señor Sink and his infinite wisdom.

Cailin Pullan

To the volleyball team, I leave the bench, warm it better than I ever could.

Aaron Grandbouche

To Joseph Sudam, I leave my beloved Kids Helping Kids, may you continue to bring joy to RH Dana. There was nobody better suited for this job than you and after years of hard work, it’s finally paid off. You will do great things with this chapter and I look forward to hearing all about it. To Emma Lapena, Sadie Riester and Angie Lopez, I also leave you KHK. Even though you are young, we believe that you will lead with confidence. You are all such dedicated workers and have shown great potential since day one. And lastly, to my number one bae, Ella Ripley-Rodriguez, I leave all my great advice ;). May you continue to make bad decisions and then tell me all about it. I love you girl <3.

Olivia O’Malley

To Tiffany Vasquez, I leave you all of the venti iced coffees that helped me throughout the year and my art. To Anya Arisara, I leave you all the terrible jokes/roasts that we made in biotech. To Azadeh Nicholson, I leave you the memories of our old black belt days. To dance ensemble, I leave you the ability to do death drops at the most random times. To Rodolfo Torres-Reyes, I leave you my sass and weird/rude facial expressions. To Ms.Clarke, I leave you the receipt of the whoopie cushion that I just bought. And to Mr.Tran, I leave you the memory of always calling you Sensei Tran like in Karate Kid.

Susan Hernandez

To Mia Ziers, I leave you my position on Pep Squad (the most involved person). To Claire Mckeown, I leave you the restroom to hide during 5th period. To Olivia Gottron, I leave you the cold surf team mornings at creek and I leave you my heart.

Mason Grey

To Mackenzie Kruger, (from both Tristen and I) I leave the esteemed honor passed down to us by Lauren Stevens; the constant fear that you lost the keys. To the incoming theatrical class, I leave the restoritave powers of a breakdown in 305- you’ll need it. To Austyn, I leave bonk and the blame of saying something stupid. To the next students of the theater department of SOCSA, I leave the magic of theater, don’t let it escape you.

Rachel Kupfer-Weinstein

To Mr. Nikolenko, I leave you Tommy Desiano Jr. (have fun with him). To Kian Afrooketeh, I leave you a picture of myself so you can scream out my name in the mall whenever your heart desires. To Dr. Sharmin Ultra Soft, I leave you with the hope that me and Grant finish our chemistry music video. To Ali Imran, I leave you with numerous 88rising apparel. To Sean Hu, my son, I leave you hoping that you’ll grow like me and your mother. To Aakrsh Sharma, stop making your mother mad. To the Dana Hills Basketball Team, I leave you with Tommy Desiano Jr. as the Team Captain (God Bless America). MJ, Griff, Christian, Bo, Carson, make sure Jr. doesn’t do anything stupid if possible. To Dana Hills High School, on behalf of Grant Reskey, Charlie Gravitt and myself, we leave you with BIO MODE.

Chris Na

To Ella Ripley-Rodriguez, I leave the stress of procrastinating in AP Gov. To Lindsey Nielsen, I leave my love for Mr. Thurman and the responsibility of doing all the math homework last minute. To Sammi Witbeck, I leave the excitement from the HOCO Halftime Show. Finally to Delaney Broadhead, I leave all my love for Lana Del Rey.

Cris Torres

To Malia Hudson, Lacey hunner and Camille freeman, I leave my amazing ceramic skills. 

Alexi Giltner

To Gigi Brunel and Katie Spaulding, I leave you two the ability to “yolo” anything, keep the legacy going ladies. To Jules Eskandarian, I leave you all my manifestation powers. Hope you get what you’re asking for ;).

Chloe Depierro

I, Gavin Ward, hereby will the title of being oldest in the neighborhood which comes with the responsibility of yelling “car” to Jared Jacobson, this was given to me by your older sister and now it is your responsibility. I also leave the responsibility of leading the Legendary JV cross country chant to Spencer Kline and Cristoff Valdez. I know you will lead this well. Lastly, I leave my little brother Logan, who will be an incoming freshmen next year, with the nickname “Ward”.

Gavin Ward

To Eve Wettengel, I leave the Mini—and the endless country jam seshes, the stress of being stuck in the line on Golden Lantern at 7:49, the Jamba/I Love Bagels/Habit/Starbucks morning runs that come with it. I leave you my lackadaisical approach to leaving on time for school and its consequential ability to make the younger sibling who doesn’t yet have a license mad at your cooking eggs on the stove at 7:38. I leave you my hatred of math which will lead you to simply not take a math class senior year and the ability to make ear-piercing yet realistic dolphin sounds at football games. To Luke Wettengel, I leave my passion for journalism. I leave you the responsibility of eventual dual stafferhood and the privilege of taking part in two of the most entertaining classes of your life: Yearbook and Newspaper, which consist of indiscriminate jokes and stories from Sampson, donuts galore and late nights. To both Eve and Luke, I leave the inescapable smell of chlorine on your skin from spending 10 hours a week in the Dana pool. To Kate Zimmerman, Londyn Orr, Cate Tucker, Fiona Bonham and all other members of the CTR Club, I leave you as many brownies as you can pack into your mouths and the creativity to think of service projects you actually haven’t done before. To Shadan Rahmani and Rona Darabi, I leave the Quote Book. To Lacey Hunner and Ariana Santulius, I leave the ability to ditch swim practice and still make it to the end of the season. To Holland Hoopes, I leave President Nelson.

Olivia Wettengel

To Allura Markow I leave the leader position of the xc chear, to numm numm cookie I leave my heart and packed car drives, to John, Eddie and Mason I leave morning carpool, and to Olivia Nemeth, Mi Geiger, and Allura Markow I leave the responsibility of telling interesting daily stories that take up the whole run, to entertain the team.

Anna Fodor

To Hailey Clark and Val Pavoncelli, I leave places to sit and memories of the good old days. To Bill Zarbatany, I leave segway rides and soccer at the park. To Brody Sulliven, I leave late night car-rides and good tunes to sing. To Owen Anderson, I dont even know…you’ve got it all, kid. To Halle Maier, Ella Meisner and Georgia Tonini, I leave my impressive tripple jump record. And to Aedan Anderson, I leave ASU and all the lessons that come with commanding such a great army. Make me proud, I know you will.

Danny Cullen

To Aakrsh Sharma, I leave an endless supply of cookies (they’re the only reason anyone ever came to Med Club).To Caden Davis and Garret Knuf, I leave a bottomless supply of rivets and an unwavering love for Kyle Wade. To Reese Mundy, I leave you the impossible task of dealing with Maxine and Ryan. To Mr. Hudson, I leave my protein powder and my sincerest apologies for not taking Marine. To Holland, I leave my crappy humor and a broken printer. To Kanoa Perman, I leave a bag a die and the legacy of 2k.

Jack Fallon

To Jacqueline Renaud, I leave the many binders “necessary” for your AMAZING position as Commissioner of Records. To Kanoa Perman, I leave you my blessing to post those stupid dice videos and play VR without me. To Seña Mesa, I leave you an orange jumpsuit. You’ll look good in orange. To Sean Hu, I leave you my love and protection from you know who… And to Andrew McKeown, I leave you my last bit of hope that you will be able to make it to school on time and not be late every single day.

Maile McKeown

I leave all the stresses of high school to my little brother Aidan and Wes Schantz. To Eduardo Perez I leave my desire to give my all in every aspect of life at Dana, sports and classes alike. To Luke Csermak and Skylar Neeve I leave my ability to accumulate an extraordinary amount of tardies in Mr. Hudson’s Marine class. Finally, to Rona Darabi and James Nollar I leave my undeterred motivation to make the newspaper just a little better as long as it means donuts at the beginning of each press cycle. 

Ethan Ramirez

To my beautiful sister, Kylee Rippe, I leave you my position of NHS President, my love for Dr. Sharma, my ability to not use slang words in every sentence, a sweatshirt that is not an XL, my ability to spell, endless laughter and happiness, memories of everything we’ve done together and my whole heart. To Ava Nadell, I leave my love for dance, my craziness and moments to breathe in the chaos of homework. To Eve Viramontes, I leave my school spirit and love for Disney movies. To Jack Reid, I leave my sarcasm, bad Canada memes, ambition and gift for helping people (all of which you already have). To Lauren Roberson, my nephew, I leave my undying love and ambition for school and dance and never ending smiles. 

Kaycie Rippe

To Noelani Bacon I leave my dance cubby and to Zoe Leland I leave my sparkly romper. I will my cheer box and bow to Georgia Tonini. I leave Sky and Star Thomas my One Direction and Harry Styles obsession. To Nathan Jamet I leave final peace and quiet, since Nicki and I won’t be able to bother you. Finally, I leave all my love to SOCSA dance production, the Dana Hills PepSquad, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Casey. 

Emms Baker

I leave Sean Treichler our club that thrives with ideas always and an endless of supply of pineapple free nekter bowls. To Leila Abumeri, I leave J.C. Beans and the responsibility of saying hi to Mr. Rosser for me. To Mia Selvan, I leave my whole heart and everything that is good in this world. To Zoe Leland and Noelani Bacon, I leave Tom Holland’s GQ shoot and the video of him saying croissasnt. To Lindsay Baker and Jordyn Forsdick-Stevenson, I leave our Timothee Chalamet fanclub. Lastly, to Ms. Lee, I leave you a pikachu onesie to be used for the sole purpose of scaring the freshman during Dance Concert and a USC license plate just for you! 

Lily Lawson

I hereby bequeath both violin sections of the chamber orchestra to Luke Csermak: beat Ashton at his own game! To Skylar Neeve, I leave my sarcasm that no one asks for but everyone receives. To Rona Darabi, I leave my overconfidence because God knows she’s gotta stop second guessing herself about every little thing.  

Michael Friend

I leave Benna Spotts a plethora of puns and dad jokes to be used at all times. To Mia Selvan I leave my favorite parking spot. We have to keep it in the Mazda CX-5 fam bam. To Noelani Bacon I leave the ability to become loopy and crazy at a moments notice. To Davia Serrano I leave the role of the big sister (always have a hug at the ready). To Lindsay Baker, Jordan Forsdick Stevenson and Riley Fox I leave Power naps in the dance room. These are vital to the survival of your last brain cell during rough weeks. To Zoe Leland I leave the responsibility of getting all of Prod out of Broadway night bows and call time. To Helena Shaver I leave the responsibility of team dad. Keep the boys in gear. To Sky and Star Thomas I leave dance production and the privilege of leading the amazing group of girls that comes with it. And finally I leave the entire student body of DHHS without the ability to complain about wanting a break from school ever again. 

Abby Keating

To my lil sis, Katie Taylor, I leave my incurable lateness to first/second period, even though it seems you already inherited it. To Sean and Ryan Taylor, I leave the hope that you won’t peak in high school. To Rona Darabi, I leave a love for math and Harry Potter. To next years physics students, I leave the responsibility of keeping the monkeys and Mr. Rosser safe, at all costs. 

Audrey Taylor

I hereby bestow unto my sister, Katharine Robinson, all of my fun friend times during my time at Dana, my love for the arts and my bed at our mom’s house (however you will have to share with Peeta and Katniss). To Mia Richardson, Avery Price, Gaby Hernandez, Jacquie Rainey and Peyton Norton, I give you my color guard performance skills. To Mia Richardson, I give you my love for the beach and Gabe’s ripped pants. To Avery Price, I give you my hugs for Mia. To Gaby Hernandez, I give you all of my flexibility (even though you have more than enough). To Jacquie Rainey, I give you our Chick-fil-A story times shared with Daniela and my rifle whenever you are ready to use it. To Peyton Norton, I give you all of my rifle skills. To Henry Jung, I give you Ted, because I know you were so so jealous when I was dating him and keeping him all to myself. To Maxim Tchekan, I give you all of my Just Dance skills and fun nights of playing Rasputin (don’t worry Max, I still will do a Friendsgiving next year and invite you). Also to Max, I bestow Friendsgiving, just in case you would like to host one yourself. To Jehsica Castle, I leave you all the times I call you “Jehesica”. To Zoe Papageorges and Alana P. (still don’t know how to spell your last name), I bestow all of my psychology knowledge unto you. To Max Papageorges, I give you all of the meme knowledge I know of. To Kira Berg, I give you your old house back (so that we could be close neighbors again), a fence so you can run into it, corn that’s yellow, all the squirrels, an Xbox 360 so we can play Minecraft and Disney Universe and lastly all the alalalalallamas in the world. To Michael Fregoso, I bestow all of my Soviet Union jokes and I bestow to you a rock from my college on my first day there. Lastly to everyone mentioned in this list, I bestow unto all of you my wisdom of Mathematics so that I don’t have to drive all the way from Saddleback to teach you how to solve for x. Love you all <3. 

Mary Robinson

To Skylar Neeve I leave my Wordscapes account and a dictionary. To Rona Darabi and Luke Csermak I leave the task of making sure the CPI doesn’t collapse next year. Good luck with that. 

Charles Gravitt

I hereby leave all my stress that my one F I got in algebra two caused me to Mrs Barahona. 

Logan Wall

I hereby leave my ability to stay up late without coffee to Ashton Lian, good luck. To Marcos Vargas, I leave my water polo skills, yeah sorry about that. And to Ryan Estes, I leave the Cinema Club, bring it back next year! 

Kaan Taner

I gift all of my red white and blue AP Governemnt notes to my fellow Gerry’s, so that they will read them and discover their true calling of gerrymandering. I leave my annotated copy of Hamlet to my sister Kendall, in hope that she may look upon them and weep grateful tears for the existence of NoFearShakespear. And finally, I leave all my college anxiety to the class of 2021, so that they will get so stressed out that they feel compelled to start their Common App before midnight on January 1st.  

Reagan Gerry

I would like to pass on the privilege of Tuesday’s to Brody Sullivan. In the even of Brody’s refusal, I would like to pass it to Dawson MacDonald. Just definitely not Parker Lull please. 

Luke Malecka

Yes I am a senior (dad joke). I wish to leave the position of captain for boys high jump to Josh Ellis and the position to Jen Holster for the girls. I wish to leave Car Club and all of its duties to Reid Lockilear. I also bequeath one final word of advice, if you were anything less than an A/B+ student in Precalc, be very careful in taking AP Calc AB and AP Physics at the same time. 

Will Riviere

To James Nollar, I begrudgingly leave my child, THE PAPER, and many nights of testing your ability to survive off of a single granola bar that Sampson finds in a desk drawer. That, along with a promise that I’ll answer my phone 24/7 and passing down the official title of quiet kid turned editor-in-chief. To Azadeh Nicholson, I leave a defective computer, one million oxford commas to remove and an unlimited sum of cash to be used on starbucks and chick fil a only accessible during pressweeks. Also, lots and lots of pie charts. I bequeath a diamond encrusted 5 foot tall “most improved player” trophy to Shadan Rahmani. I also want to throw in walks around the english hall, the confidence to send an email without asking my permission, the important job of laughing at ALL of Sampson’s jokes and a big hug. Rona Darabi, I give you any stamina I have left to run the sports section flawlessly and make it look easy, the job of kicking/hitting the printer when it stops working, my eternal appreciation for you never taking Jack’s BS and my eternal confusing about your love of math. To Reese Mundy, a gold name plate reading the paper’s literal savior AKA online editor and the strength to make sure Ryan and Maxine do the tasks you give them. Ryan and Maxine, I leave you both the task of recruiting as many students as possible, by any means necessary, and the future of Dana journalism. For all returning or incoming members of newspaper or yearbook, Timothy Woodrow Sampson; take care of him, sit in on his english classes to back him up if sophomores disagree, debate with him, annoy him to no end, save your receipts and finally, do not procrastinate, his marriage is depending on it. To all underclassmen, a final “JOIN THE NEWSPAPER” plea. To Kanoa, I leave 100 perfect iced coffees  and “life story” conversations. For Kat, I give 100 J.C, Beans dirty chai lattes. Lastly, to Dildero, I give my future hopes for Dana Hills. 

Sofia Ciraulo

Being of sound mind and of retirement age, I hereby leave the following to my Pod. 

To my wonderful friends in administration, I leave you my countdown calendar, my warped sense of humor to get you through the tough meetings and my absolute love for my beloved Dolphins. To all the teachers, remember these words, as they do matter: “They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” You are the best teaching faculty and you are constantly improving. Keep doing so, but always remember, we don’t teach subjects, we teach people. Make those connections. 

To Aedan Anderson, you have been taught the skills to lead, use them to their fullest. You are not ready to be the president. In my 14 years, no one has ever been ready. The best of them relied on others, trusted them, built consensus and used their Level 5 skills. To the new ASU cabinet, remember, you work for the students of this school, not the other way around. Support Aedan, but always hold the students of Dana as the ultimate goal. To whoever holds this position next year, remember that you serve the students, the ASU President is your boss and your job is to provide them insight and guidance. 

To my fellow 2020 seniors, I feel your pain. We were supposed to walk together on June 4. This is being postponed, but not canceled. We will have our moment together. To my ASU kidlets from the past 14 years, know that I love you. You emerged from Dana Hills better people for taking the time to learn to lead. 

In conclusion, I thank you all for the best 14 years of a 43-year career. As we say at Dana, #ShareTheLove. 

The Podfather,

Ken Nedler

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