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2020 Presidential Election Predictions

Mar. 3, 2020 will be a historic day for America. It will be what many call “Super Tuesday,” where 14 states hold their primaries for the 2020 election. It will also be the first election that many seniors, including myself, can vote in. However, the implications of this election stretch much further than we may think. If acquitted, then re-elected, Trump could become the most powerful president in history. He would have, what many fear could be, unchecked power. Moreover, he will have won two elections without winning the popular vote. The Democrats, although desperate and divided, still have a better chance of winning this election than he does, and this is how it could happen.

joe biden
According to Bermingham, Joe Biden is the key to a Democrat win in the 2020 election.

First, Joe Biden must be the nominee. He is the one that can deliver Pennsylvania. He is a moderate that can appeal to the key voters Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 (more on that later). The Democratic Party fails to operate and win national elections when they are too far to the left. Joe Biden not only knows this, but embraces it. His stances represent the moderate wing of his party. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other progressives would fail to secure states lost by Hillary in 2016, with their radical, “socialist” policies. They appeal to far fewer independent voters.

Next, after Biden has won the nomination, there should only be one name in his mind for running mate: Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin rencently just won a successful re-election in Wisconsin, a key state Hillary lost, and she is a gay female politican, which is more than enough to excite many voters that may be upset by the nomination of a moderate. Her victories have made her the first gay person elected to the Senate, an accomplishment that it is both remarkable and proof she is the right choice for Vice President. By choosing her, Biden can win back both Michigan and Wisconsin. In addition, his delivery of Pennsylvania will be enough to make him the next President of the United States. 

Another item working in President Trump’s favor at the moment is the economy. The economy has always been a strong indicator of whether a president will win re-election. Right now, it is strong. By November 2020, however, the recession could hit, weakening Trump. This could mean an automatic victory for the former vice president. 

Regardless of the economy, the Democrats can win if they play their cards right. There are only three states that will decide this election: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All three of these states could have been won by Hillary, if she had just campaigned smarter. Joe Biden can secure that state he was born in, while Tammy Baldwin can win Michigan and her home state of Wisconsin. Nevertheless, it will be a late night on Nov. 3, 2020, and maybe the most historic election in our nation’s history.

-Matthew Bermingham, Guest Writer

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