2020 Dolphin of the Year

Grant Reskey
Senior Grant Reskey was awarded Dolphin of the Year.

Senior Grant Reskey was awarded Dolphin of the Year on Thursday, May 21, an award given to the senior who best demonstrates a combination of the following: school involvement, community service, and academic achievement.

The faculty nominates fifteen candidates in March and then narrows this list down to six, interviewing each nominee before coming to a final decision.The other finalists were Michael Friend, Izzy Gendreau, Nicole Jamet, Lily Lawsin and Anna Nemeth.

 Reskey expressed that “receiving this award and even being considered for it next to so many other amazing people” are among his greatest accomplishments throughout high school. He considers the award to “be the highest honor a Dana Hills student could receive, even more so than Scholar of Scholars, since it’s a testament not only to academic excellence but also to character.”

He feels “extremely honored to be chosen and [is] grateful to have been able to make some sort of mark on Dana, as Dana and the wonderful teachers and friends [he has] been surrounded with here [has] certainly impacted [him].”

His other accomplishments include “performing at the House of Blue, finishing [his] first Catalina Crossing in second place, getting 100% on Dr. Sharma’s second semester AP Chem final, [and] getting into some of [his] dream schools.”

Excelling in numerous honors and ap classes, reskey was one of the top students at dana

Excelling in numerous honors and AP classes, Reskey was one of the top students at Dana. Despite handling this heavy course load, he was able to participate in multiple extracurricular activities

He was THE PAPER’s very own Head Copy Editor, spending much of his time proofreading every single article before it hit the press, while also managing to write one or two articles of his own each issue.A member since sophomore year, he also served as CSF’s president for two years, a title that came with “communicating with members, planning meetings, and generally directing the chapter.” For nearly three seasons, Reskey has been a member of the Dana Outrigger Canoe Club, where he practiced weekly to compete in races up and down the coast. 

Outside of school, Reskey held a job at CCPrep as a school subject tutor, with a focus in math and science. He has also played the electric guitar for ten years now and was a member of a band for about a year, “playing pretty much anything rock or metal.” He used his musical talent to teach music lessons at the Boys and Girls Club, where he also “helped out in the ‘tutor center’ and the game room.” Before the pandemic, he “was volunteering at the Discovery Cube Orange County where [he] helped with science exhibits and demonstrations for guests at the club.”

Reskey would like to thank his parents for their endless support, noting that he “would be a vastly different person today without their guidance.” He also has his sister Grace, girlfriend and best friend Kaycie, and his group of friends to thank for “always [cheering him] on and [providing him] with moral support.” 

Congrats to THE PAPER’s own Grant Reskey! Comment down below and visit the front page for more!

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